Wednesday, July 27, 2011

An invitation to 'Paper Trails'

I have been looking forward to this exhibition for some time, 'Paper Trails' will be the fourth annual Paper Show at Art Piece Gallery. Nineteen artists are brought together to tell their separate stories, united only by their love of paper, its malleability and versatility.

Artists showing works in the exhibition are Julie Millner Barratt, Susan Buret, Sue Codee, Michelle Giacobello, Sarah Harvey, Debbie Hill, Helen Hill, Sheridan Jones, Anita Lord, Kate Maurice, Shelagh Morgan, Nicola Moss, Jennie Nayton, Liz Powell, Jasmine Scheidler, Robyn Sweaney, Emma Walker, Oksana Waterfall and Christine Willcocks. Looking through these links, I'm sure it's going to be a diverse and intriguing exhibition.

I would like to extend you a warm invitation to the opening night on Friday 5th August at 6pm.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Winter Salon:mini surveys continues at ATG

Nicola Moss (left) and Gabrielle Courtenay (right)

With an extended hang the exhibition - Winter Salon [mini surveys] continues at Anita Traverso Gallery in Richmond. Winter Salon tracks the conceptual and technical development of 17 artists with a salon-style installation of selected works across several years/series of practice. I find this salon format of showing a combination of works from an artists practice an interesting way of viewing.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Forest Kingfisher

On Tuesday I spotted a splash of vibrant turquoise and electric blue in the garden. Out with the binoculars quickly! and then the Birds of Australia Field Guide...a new variety in my garden, I always get excited with the first sighting. This beautiful bird is a Forest Kingfisher and for the last three days it has perched each afternoon in an overgrown area of the garden which I can see from my studio window. Occasionally it swoops down in the overgrowth, I'm sure it is finding a good feed. I've been recording bird species in my garden for five years, not in any systematic way, but whenever I see different species I make a note, and also the migratory regulars get noted when they arrive each year. It feels good to see the number and diversity of species gradually increasing.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011


It's not my favourite activity, writing statements, bios and press release statements, but one that constantly needs updating and fresh thinking. It's funny how thoughts can roll out freely on a blog or in notes in visual diaries, but once I try to put the words into formal formats... oh boy, it all seems very self conscious. I've contributed to a few proposals and statements for group exhibitions and collaborative projects, even this seems easier when it's not just about moi!

This morning I was happy to read Joanne Mattera's post on writing for artists, with a clear description of what you might include in the various formats of statements, bio, etc. Some good tips on what to leave out too, otherwise it's really just practice, like most things the more you do it, hopefully, the better the results.

Thank you Joanne, your Marketing Monday posts are always helpful.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Cut, cut, cut.......cut

When I'm not out in the garden pruning (peach trees, plum and mulberry trees, it's that time of year), I've been in the studio working on a new series of hand cut paper works. Trees are featuring, often with ones I have admired for some time in the local valley paddocks or on trips to Moreton Bay Islands. This one sits alone isolated in what was a farmhouse paddock, I love its form, especially late in the afternoon when driving home it presents a ghostly silhouette against the setting sun. Much of the land around where I live is gradually, or not so gradually, being rezoned. Change is a constant, in some ways I am trying to capture memories of place and change. How do we fit in with our environment or it with us?

These recent paper cut artworks will be on show in a couple of upcoming exhibitions in August and September, more details soon.