Thursday, December 22, 2011

Not so fast

We all know time is constant and we each have the same amount each year, but still it is often said, and heard, how quickly the year has passed and how it just seems to get quicker. I had to rethink this recently though, when reminded of an exhibition that took place in January this year. It seemed like such a long time since the opening and workshops, but it was this year. It seemed incompatible - an event at the start of this year feeling a long time ago and that the year had passed quickly.
 I've been thinking about it and concluded, that it's not so much time passing quickly, more that we fit so much in to our lives (or try to), often at a frenetic pace, and this in part is what gives the illusion of time passing's all the go, go go! Perhaps the year passing is not fast, just choc-a-block full with little time for relaxing. So I'd like to wish everyone the enjoyment of some chill out time over the festive season.

Reflecting on 2011, it's been fun and full and slightly more balanced than the one before. I'd like to thank everyone who shared their time and experiences with me. Big thanks to my husband, first time ironman and all time supporter, recipient of two husband of the year awards in 2011 (I am slightly bias :-) All my family, it was great to catch up with you throughout the year. know who you are, thanks for the gallery going, openings support, residency collaboration, garden advise, french dinner, weather watching, beach walking, art making, seed sharing, bird listening, ideas thinking, philosophy, side line cheering, hiking, blog posting, photo taking, gift giving, shared food and all round good times.
Thank yous too to the gallery directors and staff who have shown, supported and encouraged my artwork in 2011.

Wishing you a merry festive season and all the best for 2012.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Coochiemudlo Island

Bliss! I headed over to Coochiemudlo Island this week with Helena, for a day of outdoor work. The tide was high when we arrived with large green spheres of mangrove foliage appearing to float on the waters surface. It was very pleasant set up under the shade with a light sea breeze to cool the air. We often venture over when the tides are low, so the change was good and encouraged a fresh look at the landscape. I made a series of works on paper that responded to foliage shapes silhouetted against the bright sky. And while waiting for paint to dry lay on the sand soaking up the atmosphere...a perfect day.
Little mangrove shoots are beginning to establish in the bay we visit, it will be interesting to see how these transform over time. I went for a stroll collecting any plastic rubbish I found washed up and entangled in the mangroves, which ended up being an odd mix of party balloon, fishing line, fishing net rope and an action toy. I'm looking at rubbish in environments as part of my project work next year, will have to wait a little to see how these end up in more developed work.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Peppermint Magazine article

During October I was contacted by Emily Lush, a freelance writer from Brisbane, to say she was planning to write a small article about my art practice for the upcoming issue of Peppermint Magazine. I was very happy to answer some questions and am delighted with Emily's writing, which captures the essence of my practice beautifully. Personally I find it interesting to read or hear how others interpret my work, it's partly that they are removed from the making and can look at it with fresh eyes, something that can be difficult to do with your own work. I also appreciate writing which is skillful, (not really my forte.)

Peppermint is focused on showcasing the best in eco and handmade design from Australia and the rest of the world. Fashion, accessories, natural beauty, art, film, design, social issues, lifestyle and culture.

A big Thank you to Emily and Peppermint.