Thursday, June 28, 2012


Thankyou for your comments on the last post, it's great to hear your thoughts.

As happens one link leads to another, today I came across the site 'The Conversation' (From the curious to the serious) and an article about ecology which posed some interesting ideas. One of them being - Seek solutions by having outcomes in mind from the start.

I can see there are several articles linked to this one which I'll follow up on - 'Wicked problems' is one that stands out.

Monday, June 25, 2012

For the love of plastic

I finally finished reading a book that I've been working my way through since February - Plastic : A Toxic Love Story by Susan Freinkel. It was a very interesting read, and although it gets heavy in spots with facts and the 'poly' of polymers, it was fascinating to get a grasp on the history and complete immersion of plastics in our society today.

This year I've been working on a research project that basically looks at two components of a big big question - Sustainability - What is it and how do we achieve it? I've chosen two areas of focus based in Moreton Bay, one being conservation in the sense of setting aside areas through designation for National Park status. The other looks at waste management and goals brought in by state government to reduce waste going to landfill.

The project 'With or without?' is partly asking What can we live with? What can we live without? It's a choice?

I wanted to get some understanding of the history of plastics and their role in our lives. It could be easy perhaps to think - I'll just stop using plastic, remove it from my life - but in reality plastics have benefits as well as drawbacks, and after reading Freinkel's book, I have a new awareness of just how ingrained this substance is in our everyday.
The blurb on the back of the book says it well ..."It's everywhere: just try to get through a day without touching anything made from it. But our love affair with this endlessly versatile and alluring substance is turning out to be a very complex relationship. Plastics draw on dwindling fossil fuels, leach harmful chemicals, litter landscapes and destroy marine life. And we've produced nearly as much of the stuff in the past decade as we did in the entire twentieth century."

You get the picture; though I'm glad to say the book also looks at positive developments in the use of plastics and recycling endevours around the world. It's well worth a read.
In my arts practice I'm really interested in the pragmatic, and reality of life. Where does the balance lie? At a time when issues are becoming increasingly polarised, with extremes at either end of the debate consuming all space and air....without any real discussion. How do we find a balance? And where is the middle ground? I like a good challenge...


Weathered came to the end of its exhibition time at Tweed River Art Gallery yesterday. The six weeks passed so quickly, it seemed like no time before we were packing up this morning. If you didn't have an opportunity to see the show, here are a few installation shots of the works.
It was great to have the opportunity of collaborating with Susan on this project; and creating works to fit the gallery space. We'll keep you posted with our ongoing developments of the weather project.

A big thanks to Tweed River Art Gallery and staff for being incredibly professional and organised, truly a joy to work with.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Art and environment

'Life on the edge - Moreton Bay' ©2012.Nicola Moss. Acrylic, natural ochre, charcoal frottage, hand cut papers. 90 x 175cm.

I recently came across some information about a festival - 'Lines in the Sand' being held in the beautiful location of North Stradbroke Island at the end of June. I'm looking forward to attending some of the events and conversations during the 4 days from 27th - 30th. A number of 'artists in residence' will be creating works, presenting workshops and having conversations during the festival. One of these artists is Sharon Jewell, who I met last year at a curated exhibition in Brisbane titled 'Pace'.
As part of the festival Sharon has initiated a conversation - 'How do artists talk about environment?' A subject of interest to me and perhaps one you would also like to join in. The link above will take you to her blog post, I'm looking forward to reading more of the discussion and perhaps you thoughts.

In the meanwhile I'm in my studio working on hand cut paper pieces inspired by Moreton Bay, and a series of paintings on canvas inspired by some amazing experiences of hiking at Cradle Mountain in Tasmania, earlier this year. The Cradle Mountain series will be presented in my next solo exhibition at SALT Contemporary Art in November, I'll have more details a little closer to the time.