Saturday, April 26, 2014

In the flow of making

'Making home (detail)' ©2014, Nicola Moss.

After all the thinking of a couple of weeks ago I thought a little update on progress in the studio would be in order. Although it felt frustrating at the time, trying to refine and collate the ideas in my mind, I have to say it has been time well invested. The last week has been fantastic with making and developing all go-go in the studio. I can see that by working through thoughts and connections, various experiences and serendipitous readings from earlier in the month; I don't just have ideas for one or two works, but rather ideas for a whole body of work. I am a contemplative thinker and I can see that taking this time is of value to my practice.
So while the creative juices are flowing I'm going to get back to it. More updates shortly.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

In the studio

 I've been sitting in my studio chair a lot this week, far too much really, staring blankly, thinking, more thinking. Procrastination, distraction, reading, virtual activity, more thinking. Then at night waking, scrawling down ideas which seem, at the time, if I may say, brilliant; and then in the morning - well I get the idea, but there's a whole lot of questions and doubt and unresolved areas - in other words not so brilliant. And so it has been for the last two weeks, so many ideas, too many ideas, trying to untangle them, sort out the meaning, isolate, refine. In some ways I'm trying to construct finished works in my head, trying to resolve the material, concept, application, scale, site position, etc. And as I know from experience, ideas in my head can only take a work so far, at some point the physical work has to begin - the process. Through the process of making, ideas can be refined and developed, one aiding the other. So I finally made a tentative start today, applying gesso to some panels which by the afternoon I decided I wouldn't use for the idea I was thinking of working on. But actually it was helpful, one step on the way to where ever this work is going. So now I'll wait to tomorrow and start again.
If you are looking for some distraction yourself, I listened to this video today of a talk by artist, Alexis Rockman. He paints works which are ecology based.

Nicola Moss, studio work in progress.

Monday, April 7, 2014

My new look art update

For a few years now I've been emailing an art update to the lovely people who have joined my website mailing list and added their details to my guest book at exhibitions. The update covers my latest news with what's on show, residencies, my studio and projects, along with exhibition invitations.
Over time the mailing list has grown and become a bit harder to keep track of manually, so I made the decision to start 2014 with a new format using Mail Chimp. It seemed like a good time to refresh my mailing list as well and confirm everyone was happy receiving it. If you were on my mailing list hopefully you received my invitation to join again.

The first edition of layers of life @ nicola moss for 2014 went out today. Thank you for all the lovely replies so far. You can read it online here, with options to subscribe for future updates if you like.

Now, I must get back to making.

Friday, April 4, 2014


 Have I mentioned how much I love books and reading? As a kid it was the yearly MS Read-athon clocking up the book titles. Then lists like '50 books you must read in your life', which did bring me to some classic favourites - here is one such list, though not the one I started working through. More recently I've been drawn to biographies and historical texts along with travel, food and contemporary art. A few years ago I headed along for the first time to the Lifeline Bookfest held in the Brisbane Convention Centre. The event is now a regular and anticipated date in my diary. The Bookfest alternates between Lifeline and Vinnies, roughly every 6 months. My first stop is the out of print book section, where I've picked up gems like 'Hillendiana' by Donald Friend and countless other books. I take my green shopping bags with me and decide it's time to leave when I can't carry any more weight....there's always next time. So a new bookshelf in my studio would be of no surprise, or the fact that is already full!

A few recently read texts are pictured. I'll never look at a Vermeer painting the same way again after reading 'Girl with a pearl earring' and I'm eagerly anticipating our first trip to Japan later this year.

Happy reading.