Tuesday, September 22, 2015

City and Nature opening this Thursday

'Plant Life' ©2015 Nicola Moss. Hand cut and pieced papers, synthetic polymer paint, charcoal frottage, collagraph, wax, mono-print, washi paper, graphite, on Fabriano paper. 77 x 97cm framed size.

Saturday, September 19, 2015

Packed for the trip to Melbourne

In a few days I'll be headed down to Melbourne to install my exhibition 'City and Nature' at Gallerysmith Project Space. The artworks headed off a couple of weeks ago with Artwork Transport, with framed works in bubble wrap and large paper cut installation sections flat packed in cardboard and barrier paper. I pack the individual sections in order of how they will be pinned to the wall, which makes for a quicker install.
Which leaves me with the packing of some warm clothes, pins, some work to do down there and looking forward to seeing family.

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Green living - City and Nature

'Green Living' ©2015 Nicola Moss. Hand cut papers, synthetic polymer paint, collagraph, frottage and monoprint. 77 x 97cm framed size.

During my recent travels in Japan and while on residency at Grafton Regional Gallery, I've been thinking about our relationship with natural environments. Cities are continually remade, yet city trees often instigate a sense of identity for communities. Some become memorials and landmarks, enriching sense of place; while others provide practical attributes of shade, fresh air and home for diverse creatures.

This body of new work responds to my experiences of curated ecology. I visit botanic gardens and walk city streets wherever I travel, finding inspiration from trees on high-rise rooftops, bonsai-d pot plants, living walls and wind dispersed opportunists. City and Nature is a place where, town planning, heritage and personal aesthetic; mixes with maintenance regimes and sense of well-being.
Nicola Moss.

Monday, September 14, 2015

City and Nature - please feel welcome to join

It's not long now till the opening of City and Nature at Gallerysmith Project Space. I'll be installing works on Wednesday 23rd September, and look forward to the opening.
If you are in the area, please feel welcome to come along and join me at the opening on Thursday 24th September, 6-8pm. Or if you prefer a quieter look and chat, I'll be at the exhibition in the afternoon on Saturday 26th September from 3-5pm.
City and Nature runs from September 24th to October 3rd, with gallery hours Tuesday to Saturday, 11-5pm, at Gallerysmith Project Space, First Floor, 170 Abbotsford Street, North Melbourne, Victoria.
If you are unable to see the show in person, paper cut works in City and Nature can be viewed online at my website exhibition page.
Look forward to seeing you.

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

City and Nature

'City and Nature - Adaption' ©2015 Nicola Moss. Synthetic polymer paint, rust stain, hand cut papers on Stonehenge paper. 73 x 53cm framed size.

Paper cut works were packed and sent on their way to Melbourne this week for my solo exhibition - City and Nature - at Gallerysmith Project Space.

Friday, September 4, 2015

Studio visit

One of my studio walls, image courtesy of Jenna Baldock, SGAR.

It has been the week for revealing how work is coming together for my upcoming show at Spiro Grace Art Rooms. Jenna, SGAR curator, and Michelle, writer for my exhibition catalogue took a sunny drive from Brisbane to the Gold Coast to visit my studio. It's great to get some feedback, talk ideas, process and let the work out into the world a little.
'Synergy' opens at Spiro Grace Art Rooms in mid October, more details soon.